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Golly Galoshes,

"Nearly two months ago my horse was found in the field was a severe cut to her leg which required stitching. The wound was a ā€˜vā€™ shape and wrapped itself round her leg. Unfortunately the stitches didn't hold and the vet recommended at least two months box rest. My horse hates coming in at night and the thought of two months box rest when I also have a 7-month-old baby to look after was pretty daunting! We managed to make it to 5 weeks complete box rest when it was pretty clear how miserable my horse was. I wanted to be able to turn her out during the day, but my horse had a 5 layer bandage on which needed to stay clean and dry in order for the wound to heal properly. Luckily for me, a friend recommended Golly Galoshes. She rides her horses in Golly Galoshes as they wear exercise bandages and she said they sounded like they were just what I needed. So that same day I ordered a pair online and they arrived a couple of days afterwards. Golly Galoshes have changed my life!!! The day they arrived I was able to turn my horse out and she is back to her old happy self. At first I used to bring her in when the weather was forecast to be bad, but I was brave and decided to test them out in the rain. The bandages have remained clean and dry and the galoshes do not move or rub!!! She has been out in the most horrendous rain and they haven't once leaked. She has been turned out 24/7 with them on for two weeks now and I honestly believe that Golly Galoshes are the best horsey invention EVER. I check on her at least twice a day and not once have I ever found the Galoshes to move. They are absolutely amazing and I have been recommending them to everyone. Even my vet is extremely impressed with them! We think the wound will only need to be bandaged for a further 3 or 4 weeks until it is fully healed, and with her Golly Galoshes on it means she can be out in the field 24/7 instead of being cooped up in her stable and miserable. If we hadn't of been recommended them then she'd still be on box rest now.

Christina Bennett, Derbyshire,