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Golly Galoshes,

Set of Yellow...

Set of Yellow...


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The fluorescent Golly Galoshes serve two important purposes:
1) The safety aspect. We, as riders and owners have a responsibility and duty to ensure to the best of our ability our horses safety in all areas, but especially on the roads and trials where we interact with drivers/ low flying aircraft and all other manner of dangerous distractions. Golly Galoshes provides the driver especially with a high visibility peripheral vision movement - already proven to be of importance.
2) The comfort to the horse. If your horse or pony’s boots and bandages are clean and dry on returning from work, consequently his work is more comfortable. Our Gaiters are designed to be worn over boots and bandages, and are fully zipped, with a fleece lapel, hook and loop fastening, and additional 2" reflective strip as standard.

Kitting your horse or pony out in the right size Golly Galoshes is easy!

Follow our guide for the perfect fit!

Firstly, what size boots does your horse wear?

Small  = Golly Galoshes Pony size gaiter
Cob = Golly Galoshes Standard Horse Cob gaiter
Large = Golly Galoshes Horse Full gaiter

Does your horse wear bandages when exercising, then follow our sizing guide below?

Is your horse a warmblood type or big boned?  = Golly Galoshes Horse size gaiter
Is your horse a traditional cob with feathers, or a cob with over 9 inches of bone? = Traditional Cob size gaiter
Is your horse a Thoroughbred type, even up to 16.3hh = Golly Galoshes Standard Horse size gaiter
Is your Pony a Pony Club type? = Golly Galoshes Pony size gaiter.
Purchasing our gaiters to protect medical bandages?
Then we suggest always purchase a larger size gaiter - depending on size and girth of dressing and how snug you would like the gaiter to fit.
Please note that Golly Galoshes are designed to be always worn over boots and bandages, with the exception of Mini-Pony (Our very small size) which can be worn without boots or bandages in extreme circumstances - where finding bandages or boots are not an option.
If your horse is outside these sizings, we do offer a made-to-measure service and of course if have any other questions regarding sizing, please free to drop us a line at and we will respond shortly!

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Weight .24 kg
Dimensions 45 × 42 × 10 cm

Mini Mini, Pony, Horse Standard Cob, Horse Full, Mixed Horse and Cob